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Here are links to some of our favorite web sites...

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Paragon Compliance Group
Here is the site of our training and consulting partnership.


The premier banking website offering compliance web casts including many by Paragon Compliance Group senior advisors. 


BankersOnLine-Banker's Video Library

Here is the site where you may purchase videos produced by Paragon Compliance Group and others related to bank compliance training. Here you can visit the bankers store to purchase videos produced by Paragon Compliance Group and others. Fair Lending, HMDA, Flood, and FACTA are just a few of the titles compliance professionals find useful.


Federal Reserve System-Board of Governors

Navigate the Feds site to find regulations, press releases and more.  Click on "Banking Information and Regulation" for links to the core banking regulations.


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Here you will not only find FDIC regulations but key data about every insured bank in the country.


Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

The Office of the Comptroller's web site is the key resource for the national chartered bank.


Federal Trade Commission

The FTC governs activities related to fairness in commerce for most of the countries financial and other entities.  Watching the FTC news releases can give a compliance officer a head's up on Risk Management trends.

Securities and Exchange Commission

The SEC governs activities related to securities, especially of publicly traded firms.


Compliance Action Newsletter

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